Garage Door Repair Methuen MA

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 Garage Door Repair Services

Garage Door Springs Repair

Springs do all the heavy lifting in your garage door repair. This means that they will eventually break. Fortunately, we are there to help you out. If you require garage door spring repair be sure to give us a call!

Garage Door Opener Repair

There are a few different garage door openers. These include chain drive, belt drive, screw drive & jackshaft garage door openers. We can repair, replace or install openers. For any type of garage door.

Garage Door Services

We offer repair and installation services for both residential and commercial garage doors. If you require services for your garage door be sure to give ua call todayus be sure to give us  call so we can 







Garage Door Repair Methuen MA

Garage Door Repair Methuen MA
Whether you would like to upgrade your garage door or repair one that has become inoperable, Garage Door Repair Methuen MA can offer the best and most reliable services. We have over 20 years experience in garage door repair throughout the Methuen, MA area and as a result, we have encountered every possible problem in relation to garage doors so can always come up with a solution.

Garage Door Spring Repair

Springs are an integral part to the smooth functioning of any garage door system; they are responsible for supporting its weight and enabling it to move up and down in the correct fashion. Realistically, springs don’t last forever, they can usually operate between 3 and 14 years depending on how often you use your garage door and, as a consequence, they should always be replaced when their life span has come to an end. You can usually establish this if they are squeaking more than what is normal or if the door is becoming stuck in motion. What’s more, it is crucial to replace springs professionally to ensure utmost safety which is why you should never attempt to do it if you are inexperienced. Our skilled team can use an expert eye to determine exactly which spring is the most suitable for your own door and can provide the right set of hands and tools to fit them in place. We offer a variety of springs and attachments including extension springs and torsion springs to accommodate every door type as well as simply repairing garage door springs here in Methuen.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Not only can it be a pain when your garage door opener fails to open and close your door but it can also be potentially hazardous. A door that doesn’t close leaves you a sitting duck for prospective theft and a door that doesn’t open could prevent you from getting to your own belongings. Sometimes, it could stop working because the remote needs replacement batteries but other faults are not so straightforward. Our trained consultants can assess the defect and fix it accordingly, some of the most common repairs we carry out regarding door openers include:

  • Replacing broken sprockets, brackets and worn out gears
  • Installing new circuit boards, motors, drive belts, and switches
  • Programming security codes

If you replace the batteries in your remote and you are still encountering problems then it is best to call out the professionals to tackle the problem quickly and efficiently. Call our team today for further information on how to repair a garage door opener here in Methuen.

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Garage Door Repair Methuen MA

Garage Door Spring Repair

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Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage Door Repair services

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